Uniting Church

What is Uniting Church?


the uniting church is a church that maintains all rights reserved for all people and in doing so allows all things to be possible and allows complex issues to be resolved slowly and lets god manifest in the truth.

i am a member of the uniting church... because all things are possible all the time i must allow all people the right to that belief if i don't "i" am there ruler and therefore assume to be a god and have minions i obey all the ten commandments but in doing so i reserve one for all people to love there neighbour as they love themselves that is my teaching

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A church in Australia that has sold out to the left and Satan.

The Uniting Church supports abortion, gay marriages, euthaniasia, anti war to the point of extremism and disregards the truths of the bible.

The Uniting Church is such a hole these days, does its members even read their bibles.

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