University Of Denver

What is University Of Denver?


A school started in 1860's...has an incredible business school and has tons of hot guys and girls.. Denver is the shit and is becoming one of the best schools in the country...

University of Denver is awesome


Private University in Colorado that is quite expensive but the skiing,snowboarding, hiking, rock climbing and anything else nature related makes up for it (maybe the education, too). We knew what we were going to be paying when we applied, so stop bitching about the cost, or transfer. Yes, you meet a lot of "preppy, nose in the air" type of people, but who ever said they had to be your friends? There are plenty of fun people at DU who don't talk about their BMW's and vacation homes...all the time.

Yes, half the students may look like huge good for nothing stoners, but they probably drive a Range Rover and will own their own business one day (The guy that invented the car boot went to du).

Some of the people suck but the good amount of chill people make up for it. The experience is what you make of it.

The professors are mostly relaxed and some like to bring their dogs to class.

And you can always find a ride to the mountains.

pretty campus, The Border, The Stadium, Spanky's, Wash Park, alcohol, and general knowledge of High Street and Williams Street are all you need in order to have fun at the University of Denver

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A tiny, worthless private university that costs as much as an Ivy League school yet it's education is ranked among third teared schools. The school is all copper and they use one's 30 grand a year tuition to plant pansies in a big circle. There is no school spirit here.

The university of Denver is a crappy school


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