What is University Of Glasgow?


*A fully comprehensive university located in the city of Glasgow, Scotland

*Glasgow is the 2nd oldest university in Scotland (founded in 1451) and the 4th oldest university in the english speaking world.

*Rated 81st in the world, far ahead of any other scottish university.

*Located in the attractive west end of the city, the main building is in the collegiate gothic style, with two attractive quads.

*Has the unique position of having two separate student unions: the Glasgow University Union and the Queen Margaret Union, although membership in one denies the right of membership in another.

Student 1: Fancy heading to the QMU and seeing The Fratellis?

Student 2: Nah, I'm going to head to the GUU and watch the Parliamentary debates.

Glasgow has the best geology (or earth science, as it happens) department in Scotland!

University of Glasgow alumni invented/discovered/pioneered: television, thermodynamics, modern engineering, steam power, the Scottish Parliament etc...

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