What is University Of South Florida?


The University of South Florida (USF) is a public university located in Tampa, Florida. USF's mascot is the Bull, and its colors are green and gold. USF is the third largest university in the state of Florida, behind the University of Florida and Florida State University. USF boasts highly acclaimed engineering and medical programs, and is a first-tier research university.

The University of South Florida is a very well-rounded university that doesn't get enough credit because of other state universities such as the University of Florida and Florida State University getting all the attention.

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A third tier institution in Tampax, Florida known for their ridiculously lax admissions standards. They are the third largest "university" in the state of Florida behind UF and UCF. They recently experienced their best football season ever but even that won't attract quality students, as they rank last in the state in number of Merit Scholars. They pride themselves on being the only commuter school in the country with a ranked football team. Recently, administrators at the school announced they would not be able to construct housing for students because of the strong community support for the existing pawn shops and liquor stores that surround the campus. The current money mismanagement crisis at the school has caused students to question the number of luxurious pieces of furniture in the president's office, which include a miniature model of an on-campus football stadium with a plaque reading "Someday..." attached.

Ray Ray: "Dude! Did you get into the Tulsa Welding School?"

Tay Tay: "Nah man. They too selectionative.!"

Ray Ray: "Oh man. That's straight up whack!"

Tay Tay: "It's ok. I just got a football scholarship to the University of South Florida."

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The University of South Florida (USF) is quite unique. While it prides itself for its exceptional academic programs and medical research facilities, it also is notorious for accepting just about every 18 year old in the state of Florida who got below 1000 on their SATs. Somehow, these students manage to graduate though, even with the distractions of nearby white sand beaches, Gasparilla(an event that takes up the month of Febuary which can be summed up by public intoxication and the performance of sexual favors), and Ybor city (a strip of clubs that the USF students control). USF has a growing football program with the Bull as the mascot. Although the football players are dedicated and got to attend there first bowl game, half of the football players must hold jobs during off season to pay child support.

Nothing compares, The University of South Florida is founded upon the principles of educating geniuses and retards in one classroom. Throw in a few Mardi Gras beads, mass quantities of alcohol, and a bikini and you have the perfect picture of USF.

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