What is University Of Victoria?


The University of Victoria, also known as UVIC, has a student body of around 14,000 students. It is Located in Victoria ,British Columbia, Canada on Vancouver Island. Many parents think there children are going to UVIC for the nice campus and good education but in reality most people come to UVIC to party and get high. UVIC is also known for its high female to male ratio.

Tom- "Why did you move from Ontario to University of Victoria"

Steve- "To smoke the best weed in Canada"

Tim-"How was your first year at University of Victoira?"

John- "I got high on weekdays and wasted on weekends"

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a beautiful campus on vancouver island, just outside of victoria. huge rabbit population, diverse and liberal student body, a great education. one of the top universities in canada, very up and coming. lots of big trees and deer. and yes, there are a lot of hippies and some weed. it is BC. i love BC.

i fed the baby rabbit a piece of my apple outside of class the other day at the university of victoria.

i'm going to watch the gorgeous sunset at the beach down the road from the university of victoria.

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The University of Victoria, most commonly known as U Vic. Although holding high standards for admission, is known for the rabbits that live around the campus and it's alcholo drinking, weed smoking students.

While visiting the campus of University of Victoria...

Tom: Hey can I borrow a quarter

*takes quarter and turns to his friend*

Tom: Okay heads you come party with us, tails, you stay to do your mid term.

* Flips coin, both guys lean over to see the results*

Tom: Sorry man, looks like it's mid terms for you. After all the coin is law. At least you can come get high with us tonight.

* Returns the coin*

Tom: Thanks man. Hey you wanna come with us tonight?

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