What is University Of Western Ontario?


A university located in London, Ontario, Canadawhich maintains to have one of the highest entering averages of all schools in Canada and possibly the United States with most programs now requiring at least a 90% average out of high school. Despite its high stress on academics and many awarded professors, it is known to be the party school of Canada, be home to one of David Letterman's top ten places to get knocked up, saugeen- maitland hall residence, and hold the most good looking students of all Canadian universities. With its award winning campus and ivy covered limestone walls it resembles an ivy leagueuniversity complete with the reputation. Nicknamed the country club, its built on the site of a former golf and country club and retains this name due to its attracting of some of the richest students in Canada and internationally. Lacoste, Abercrombie, Polo, Lululemon, Hollister, Gucci, Ugg, are just some of the identifying signs of a student that attends UWO, also a sense of oblivion as to anything going on outside of the "Western bubble" and its gates is quite prevalent amongst its students. It could be confused for an American school with its abundance of Fraternities and Sororities. It is home to many sports teams (including a rowing team which beat out all ivy league schools and many other international schools), tennis courts complete with covered domes in the winter, the popular student hangout The Spoke, a restaurant/bar/club The Wave, and even a fine dining restaurant Michaels, the Ivey school of business, and a soon to be built recreation centre that will rival those of many of the biggest athletic schools in the US (even though it will most likely not better the football teams success). UWO - you love it (the parents that believe their children are truly earning the family company they are the heir to) or hate it (every other Canadian university).

University of Western Ontario is the most americanized school outside of the USA.

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Slang for an STD

I've been all over the University of Western Ontario and now it hurts to pee.

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A university located in London, Ontario, Canada. The University of Western Ontario, commonly known as either Western or UWO, was founded in 1878 and is thus one of the oldest universities in Canada.

Western's student body is famous in Canada for being made up of a bunch of spoiled rich kids who have particularly poor academic abilities, though the university seems to labour under the delusion that it is somehow " Ivy League".

The typical Western student is a fabulously dumb blond boy or girl who says 'like' at least three times per sentence, and hangs out at one of the lame-ass bars on Richmond Street (especially The Ceeps or Jim Bob Ray's) every night getting wasted and breaking into fistfights over scarce cabs once the bars close. They also refuse to wear coats even when the weather is minus 40 degrees, because a coat would cover up their stuffed booby cleavage or obscure their tiny little gym pecs.

Jenn: I couldn't, like, get into the University of Toronto, so, like, I guess I'll go to Western. Yaaaaay!!!!

Bryce the frat boy: Hey bro, I go to The University of Western Ontario because it's the only school in Canada where the girls are dumb enough to have sex with me.

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