What is Unkie-j?


(promounced "unky - jay")

1.) an australian slang used in sydney to describe crackheads, herione adicts & drug abusers.

2.) also an australian slang used in sydney for junky uneducated people usually of white/anglo-saxon or aboriginal backgrounds who live off government welfare, stealing, selling clothes & other goods that they stole, asking for spare change, selling marijuana & sometimes ecstacy pills or petty amounts of speed if they can get their hands on it. they live in governemnt housing commision ( housoes) in urban areas usually near train stations, and can be found hanging around at the local shops areas. they dont have their own transport, they always catch trains, and never pay for tickets, and all of them have dropped out of school by 16. ie. never had an education past 10th grade. most of the males first time being locked up in jail was at the juvinile age, even some of the females. they all come from poverty sticken families with parents who are drug abusers and usually have different fathers.

usually the younger males from the age range of 13 to 25 wear sporty shorts that are always way above the knees, and polo shirts usually striped, they wear sporty nike runner shoes with the socks pulled up, wear puffy fubu, dada, eminem, wu-tang or nautica jackets and regularly wear nike caps with the brim bent in the shape of a semi circle. tend to use words of american ebonics, and other words like cuz, lad & eshay. alot of them have developed a little own local thief accent. they are usually of a slim or boney build, and have tattoos on the legs of knives/daggers or some patterns

the older males usually wear tight & real worn out jeans, jogger shoes, polo shirts and hang around inside & infront of local TAB's (sports gambling outlets) & pubs. love buying alchohol from bottleshops in the middle of the night sipping on the bottles of bourbon whiskey covered in brown paper bags on the way home.

the females are the lowest of the low of females. they loose their virginity by the age of 13, have the taste of about 1000 or more differenet guys penises by the end of the teenage years. usually wear real tight pants and baggy sports jumpers, and wear joggers. have more worse language than the males, and talk real loud. most of the females conversation is something to do with bitching about something. In the teenage years alot of them wear lots of eye shadow and lipstic , usually have babies by the age of 16, but sometimes getting pregant as early as 13, get kicked out of the parents homes by 20 and spent most of the adult years sleeping at different guys houses, and by the time they hit their mid 30's , they look like hideous trolls with their faces being riddled crinkles from the long-term effect of drugs, with teeth missing. they also regularly draw attention to themselves in public areas like shops when they start screaching at the top of the lungs hurling abuses to people they know of , letting all the public know their personal affairs in the stance of leaning the chest forward and the butt sticking out, and all the females have real strong "aussie ocre" accents.

refer also to:


unkie jay

unky jay

look at that unkie-j over there. they should put all the housoes of sydney around mount druitt to clean up the filth and crime from the streets off most of the rest of sydney


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