What is Unko?


Japanese word for SHIT (or bullshit).

Kore wa unko desu.

Unko ga daikirai desu!

See unko, shit, bullshit, poop, crap, japanese, poo


The Japanese word for 'poop'.

Can be used as an affectionate nickname as it is a rather childish way of describing shit.

1. Look at that massive unko the dog left on the street!

2. Hey Unko! How's it going?

See poop, shit, caca, waste


people that just love eating shits, cant stop fucking

love eating your mom

people like you unko

See fuck, shit, unko, people, you


dis is wat u say wen u no noe someones name (one kane) dis is wat u call ummm.

ehhhhh unko...........


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