What is Unload?


To have an orgasm and release semen

Also see Spurt, Cum

keep sucking, im about to unload!!


To urinate. The term is regularly used in contexts when there's no toilet in sight.

Stop the car. I've had too much to drink and now I have to unload.

See urinate, pee, piss, peeing, pissing, urinal, toilet


to use every possible insult you can when verbally lashing someone until they are completely and utterly served and owned. "Unload" refers to someone "unloading" a clip on someone with a gun, releasing all possible ammo into the other person, resulting death (probably.) This is pretty much the same, except verbally.

Person 1: "My girlfriend thought it would be cool to ask another guy to Prom, so I unloaded on her in front of everyone at lunch. I feel much better."

Person 2: "Wow...dude....you rocked her....I didn't know you had that much hate inside you...."

See rocked, owned, served, pwned


To take a big shit.

Man, I ate a bunch of pancakes & now I have to unload.

See dump, shit, poop, crap, poo, dookie, defecate


To sell off stolen merchandise.

Manny: Hey I just whacked this fucker out for about 15 grand in diamonds, do you know somewhere I can unload these?

Larry: Yeah, call up Lenny the Jeweler. He'll give you the best price for it.

See unload, merch, mob, mafia, flip


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