What is Unreal?


of a remarkably humorous, cool, or impressive nature.

"Unreal" could be used accompanied by a head nod, as a reaction to your friend's decision to bring Kraft Singles to a formal party.

See unbelievable, hilar, godly, big


When you see something amazing that is unbelievable, it is unreal, everything in utter amazement.

Yo, Kate that movie was unreal!

See sick, amazing, sweet, rad, dutty


The most annoying word in the English language. It seems like everyone is saying it lately. Basically, it is a word people use as a universal adjective for something unbelieveable.

Joe: Did you see that car?

Bob: Yeah, it was unreal.

Joe: Did you finish your ice cream?

Bob: Yeah, it was unreal.

Joe: Stop saying that!

Bob: You're unreal!

See annoying, shocking, predictable, suicide


Being in low supply of attractiveness

ie. UGLY

Sarah: Did you see her default picture?

Dale: I sure did, and she was unreal!

Sarah: true say.

See butters, ugly, fugly, dog, horse, minger, munter


An FPSthat's better than Quake.

Quake fans couldn't even survive 1 minute in Unreal Tournament.

See Skaarj


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