Unsolicited Charlie

What is Unsolicited Charlie?


When someone finds it nearly impossible to engage in any modicum of conversation without slyly dropping the name of his or her fiancee or spouse (i.e., "charlie") into the mix. Almost always a non-sequitur, and deserving of a gooey ostroff.

So I'm talking about fantasy football, and how I wish Portis had gotten in the endzone on at least one of the five times he was on the 1-yard line, and Alison comes strong with an unsolicited charlie, telling me how difficult her wedding plans are becoming. I mean, what the hell do I care about her caterer and whether or not she should go with Bacardi or Captain Morgan's? I'm hemmorhaging points here with Peerless Price, who Michael Vick can't seem to find in the endzone.

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