What is Unword?


when you repeat a word so many times that it starts to sound like nonsense and loses meaning.

Person 1: I am going to talk like I am reading a telegraph STOP

See Stop STOP See Stop Stop STOP Stop Stop Stop STOP

Person 2: Man, shut up! STOP is starting to become an unword

See unword, un-word, un, word


Unword. adj. (uhn-wûrd)


(1) To express extreme dissaproval, see"hell no" . i.e. "Sara is cool!" "Unword man, totally Unword!"

(2) Expression meaning horrible, shitty, and/or re-fuckin'-diculously dumb, see "hella gay" i.e. Sara is cool" "No man, she can be an Unword biatch!"

You dad is hot

-dude that was totally Unword...

See word, gay, dumb, shitty, no


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