What is Upland Highland Regiment?


Arguably one of the most successful marching band programs in California. The Upland Highland Regiment has received numerous first place and sweepstakes awards in Bands Of America, Western Band Association, and SCSBOA events. The Regiment has been a finalist every year it's competed in Regional Championships and in 2004 was the Las Vegas Regional Champion followed by the 2005 Southern California Regional Champion and the 2005 FlagStaff preliminary class AAA champion. In October of 2006 Upland was named the 2006 Los Angeles Regional Champion making them Western Regional Champions 3 years running. The Upland Highland Regiment went undefeated in 2005 in Western Band Association up untill WBA Finals in which they placed 2nd. The Upland Instrumental Music Department is a very well rounded program which includes three concert bands, two jazz ensembles and a very active winter percussion and winter guard program.

"You're in the Upland Highland Regiment? You must be amazing!"

"You were in Cosmos? I love that show!"

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a boring show created by the balls-out dorksof Upland CA the absolute dregsof the high school performers the most noxious and inane kind of entertainment

Man, halftime at the football game, I hope they don't have a that horrible upland highland regiment come out. I'd rather eat sand than watch that crap.

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