Ur Mom

What is Ur Mom?


a cliched insult used by unorigional and moronic douche bags

"i want to kill you for being a total idiot."

"well, uh, ur mom!"


A highly derogatory phrase which replaces the subject of a person's sentence to form a base and unoriginal form of retaliation (for those with difficulty thinking of witty comebacks).

"That was a great sandwich."

"Ur Mom was a great sandwich! Oh! Diss!"


Defenition 1: This word can replace a noun, if done correctly.

Defenition 2: If one can't think of a cool come back. This is the phrase to use.

Guy 1: "Whoa! U made cool sound effects with that paper bag..."

Guy 2: "UR MOM makes cool sound effect!"


can either be used as a random word which people seem to think witty and bugs the hell out of people, or, obviously, your mom

Bob: What are you doing tonight?

Joe: Ur mom


Use when someone is asking you a nosy question or just something stupid as hell.

Reminder: never say this in front of a person who does not have a mother.

SARAH: Hey, whatcha guys talkin' about?

ASHLEY: ur mom.


The Universal answer to anything and everything.

"What is the meaning of life?"

"ur mom"

"What time is it?"

"ur mom"

"What's 2+2=?"

"ur dad... errm, I mean mom."

See your mom, ur mom, yer mom, your mum, ur mum, yer mum, your mother, ur mother


defenition 1: ur grandmas daughter, ur dads wife, ur aunts sister, ur cousins aunt, ur uncles sister, ur daughters grandma, ur grandpas daughter, ur sisters/brothers dads wife, UR MOM

defenition 2: a comeback that can replace any noun in a sentence

(also can be used with in bed)

1: is that ur mom? (aka any of the above)

2: ur a party pooper

ur moms a party pooper

(add in bed at the bed of any sentence and it makes sense)

ur a party pooper

ur moms a party pooper

..in bed

COMEBACK: really? usually she gets the party started!


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