What is Urbadictobanging?



The act of posting erroneous commentary in the form of a definition submitted to the Urban Dictionary about involvement in a street gang or the prowess of such a street gang.

The act of submitting a fallacious definition to the Urban Dictionary merely for the sake of having your street gang's name appear in the Urban Dictionary.

To seek notoriety of some type by means of apocryphal boasting through inappropriate submission of words, names, or acronyms specifically to the Urban Dictionary.

Any definition submitted to the Urban Dictionary by a street gang member that is threatening, offensive, or meant to slur another person, especially if it includes any street gang's name or identifies any street gang member in any way.

I do wish there was less urbadictobanging on the Urban Dictionary. All these little gangster wannabes should get a real life that doesn't include regular trips to the Urban Dictionary for the purpose of bolstering their weak egos with useless urbadictobanging.

See urbadictobanger, urbadictobanging, urbadictograffiti, urbadictoaddict, urbadictoaddicted, urbadictoaddiction, urbadictojunky, gang, ganster, gangsta, wannab, wannabe, wannabes, lame, no-life, no life, useless, ignorant, lamer, cap, tag, tagger, territory, slang, weak, graffiti, online, tagging, street, threat, fallacious, words, slur, racial, racial slur, wanker, wankers, group, club, deadhead, deadheads, brainless, spineless, gangbanger, thug, bully, time, tripping, trippin, ridiculous, urban dictionary, urban, dictionary, new, prefix, meaning, website, language, jargon, vocabulary, web site


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