What is Urban?


City-like. From the Latin word "urbs", which means "city".


Urban means relating to or concerned with a city or densely populated area, The term is exploited by corporations such as MTV to refer to black music/culture, without mentioning race.

Anything Urban = $$$$.

Suburban Kid 1: Dude I'm totally Urban, Check these new Timbalands, homie.

Suburban Kid 2: Naw Dawwwg. Fa Shizzle. Im rockin dis new White Tee, Ya feel me?

Suburban Kid 1: ohh shit here comes a real black person, be quiet buddy.

Suburban Kid 2: Oh oh yea, Marily Manson is like totally awesome.

Suburban Kid 1: Ok ok hes gone dawg.

Suburban Kid 2: Fa Shizzle


1. marketing term used to hide the fact they are focusing on a racial group

2. black people or other minority

3. city dwellers

4. downtown area

Ok, Coke lets focus on how we can reach the urban markets. Let's sell Coke with fried chicken!


1.Of, relating to, or located in a city.

2.Characteristic of the city or city life.

Self explainitory...

See Roxy


"Urban" has nothing to do with liberals, and doesn't inherently have anything to do with race. it means "having to do with the city", including city life, style, etc.

City style is largely driven by blacks, and thus urban style often refers to black urban style. However, it doesn't necessarily, as graffiti is considered urban, but is done by all races. Thus, indirectly, urban culture implies black culture in certain contexts. The people who post here are so dumb that they then equate "black" and "urban", and manage to blame it on liberals. Typical of dumb conservatives. Maybe they should spend more time thinking about how selfish their elitest policies are and stop blaming things on people who care about those who are less fortunate and the environment, on which we depend.

"that block is mad urban...check this urban beat...the subway only runs in urban areas"

See sam


1) A word used to describe an area that has a much higher density than the surrounding area; clustered. This could either be the downtown of the central city in a larger metropolitan area (the skyscraper distict) or a clustered villiage/ hamletsurrounded by forestcroplandopen desert.

2) Traditionally, areas where employment came from non-primary sources (secondary and tertiary). However, modern industry tends to take place over an area that has little of the density needed to truly be considered urbanized.

3)Associated with African-American or Hip-Hop culture.

4) Not suburban.

1) Believe it or not, a dense clustered villiage or hamlet surrounded by open countryside is very much in fact, urban.

An estate, set back from the road on 5 or more acres, a house space or more away from their neighbors near the metropolitan centre, now that's just not urban.

2)While the economy of our metropolitan area is considered urban, the density of the industrial parks is low enough to render that term laughable.

3)There is a store in Paducah near Lowertown that sells urbanwear and other aspects of urban or hip-hop culture.

4)Theres nothing sadder than a bunch of people living in low density suburbia calling themselves "urban".

See skyscraper, downtown, villiage, hamlet, primary, secondary, tertiary, cluster, dense, density, hip hop culture


Refers to anything associated with or part of high density developement or growth in a given area, including, but not limited to, housing, commercial, buildings, and infrastructure.

The boy grew up in an urban area where everything his eyes could see was manmade; buildings, sidewalks, concrete; everywhere he looked. He actually preferred it, as he could walk wherever he needed to go. The best part, was that there were parks where he could "get away" had he ever felt the need to.

See urban, urbs, suburban, suburbs, city, core, central, concrete, roads, infrastructure, inner, raised, skyline, density, metro, metropolitan


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