What is Urban Dictionary Don'ts?


Urban Dictionary does not support endorsement of racial slurs and bashing of certain groups. You may have opinions, but no flaming.

Urban Dictionary does not permit defining people that are not celebrities, especially if it is flaming.

Urban Dictionary does not permit inside jokes. Common sarcasm is okay.

Urban Dictionary DON'Ts.

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1. DON'T make definitions with a neutral point of view.

2. DON'T make definitions that are not sexually-related.

Please follow these 2 to the letter and you won't be flamed by definitions on Urban Dictionary. /sarcasm

Urban Dictionary DON'TS Examples:


DON'T: blahis something that many people hate, but some others like.

DO: blahis shit.


DON'T: blahis a word used in an after sentence, when no one is talking, or when a person has nothing else to say.

DO: blahis the act of ejaculating while fucking one hundred women and eating tacos.

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