Urban Dictionarying

What is Urban Dictionarying?


Often used as a term referring to the act/practice of constantly looking up words on Urban Dictionary. Particularly obscenities or slang heard or read from any place, movie, book, blog, etc, to use in regular conversations.

Girl #1: Hey, what're you doing?

Girl #2: I'm Urban Dictionarying

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what you do when you're looking up words at urban dictionary dot com

I was urban dictionarying last night when I found 'Tweet-Dropping'

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like myspacing and facebooking, but for slangdefine. almost like a wordgasm but once again for slangdefine

John the horny bastard was urban dictionarying Fuckfor porn.

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(v.) to spend hours and hours on end just pressing the random button on slangdefine in the hopes to find words that will completely confuse your friends tomorrow

I heard he was urban dictionarying all night last night, I literally have no idea what he is saying anymore.

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