Urban Outfitters

What is Urban Outfitters?


The first Urban Outfitters came from Berkley, CA. It's a clothing store found in urban areas. The clothes range from vintage, hippy, emo, indie, or just strange. Awkward place to shop at if you're overweight or a straight male. Clothes can be insanely priced. Store also contains home products or furnishing that you would most likely find in a college dorm room.

The first Urban Outfitters came from Berkley.

Example of t-shirt saying: "Trust me, I'm a (virgin, doctor, etc.)"

Example of furnishings found here: "Beer Refrigerator."

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A store that sells hip apparel and teenage identity

I bought this awesome t-shirt and persona from Urban Outfitters this weekend.

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an ok mainstream hippie store that sells overpriced but good looking vintage,hipster apparal.and Maybe for once people can get their heads out of their asses and realize that not everybody who shops at urban, shops to be witty unique or hipster. maybe then they would see that some people buy stuff their just because they think the overpriced shirt is cute, they have the cash at the moment, and they don't feel like scrounging the earth for a "cheaper" version they'll never find or be as satisfied with.


close minded person: psssshhhh you just bought that overpriced shirt from urban outfitters because you think you're witty

t-shirt wearer- yea and....

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The coolest store on this planet. So what it's a bit expensive. It's still awesome.

I can't wait to browse at urban.

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A slightly overpriced store found primarily in urban areas of North America. The company targets a college-aged audience, but attracts younger and older consumers just as well. While many of the brands they carry are overpriced (Diesel, Lacoste, True Religion, etc.), buyers trust them to be of excellent quality. Most Urban Oufitters shoppers are not looking so much as to fit a mold or put on a 'hipster' persona, but just want to buy good, fashionable clothing. Some think that Urban Outfitterers are trying to stand out as "individuals", but you could say the same about anyone who shops at American Eagle, Abercrombie, Aeropostale, Hollister, Hot Topic, and all the rest - except, unlike Urban Outfitters shoppers, those who shop at the more common stores REALLY want to look like clones (and are still paying for overpriced goods).

Hey, since we're here, why don't we go to Urban Outfitters? I'm sure we can find something that will make us look cool in a young, fashion-aware kinda way. Hopefully no body will perceive us as spoiled rich kids who want to be perceived as individuals even though we've never even had jobs.

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Jake - Urban Outfitters' first store was opened in Philadelphia, PA not California....sorry to burst your all knowing bubble

People who don't like Urban Outfitters have this mentality: I think I am bette than you.....sorry you aren't. We are all the same

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A fashionable store with (i'll admit) slightly over-priced clothing. But, hey if somone has the money to buy a certain pair of jeans or a couple shirts they like, then they should be able to buy them without being ridiculed like some of you low-lifes here who love to lable people into certain groups. I like going to Urban Outfitters because it offers clothing and styles not seen at 'all-american' clothing stores such as American eagle or Abercrombie and Fitch. (Nothing wrong with those stores btw, they're just going for a different look.) Urban Outfitters also has clothing that is affordable.

Hey i went to Urban Outfitters to get a unique belt and nice looking jacket!

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