Urbandale Police

What is Urbandale Police?


Police department known for their use and sales of confiscated drugs. To be a cop who has a dildo hidden in his ass found during the rectal cavity search while being booked into jail for having $20,000 worth of stolen meth from the police locker with a hooker in his van.

Sgt. Trimble was a cop for the Urbandale Police until he was busted for having stolen meth from the locker and a dildo up his ass and a hooker in his van.


Police Department known for falsifing documents and lying about stops to justify arrest. Also known for repeatedly purjuring themselves in court cases. Department stupid enough to have Sargeant tell officers on cell phones to lie to justify arrest. Also known to whack off during cell phone sex with girlfriends while working and yelling obcentities at their K-9 dog. Also known to sleep at night while working at the Merle Hay Cemetary, top floor of Merle Hay Mall parking ramp, back gate at Living History Farms, behind Perkins, Cobblestone Market, the old police station, hiding their patrol car in their girlfriends garage at her apartment building while sneaking over for a quickie while on duty, hiding their patrol car in their garage at their home while sneaking home for a nap for 3 hours while on dutyat night, under the carport of the office building at 71st and Monroe Ct. then stupid enough to talk about it on their cell phones and be videotaped by anonymous citizens. Also known to be stupid enough to leave chewed-up brick of dope at UHS after K-9 demonstrated search techniques. Which was then recovered by students and smoked as intercepted in their cordless phone call.

You lied to get the warrant. You're such a Urbandale Police and I use the word lightly.


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