What is Urbandickshinite?


A misinformed, racist, bigot, misognistic, close minded person with little to no education regarding the world around them. This can be used to describe a group or individual, promoting racist, or degrading material as humor or opinion. There may be no direct recourse to fact, or any sense of the contextual environment for which the group or individual may exist. The true intent of an Urbandickshinite is to expose their true failures as a human being by displaying their profound ignorance to such an extent that they themselves are ignorant of their ignorance. The ignorance of the Urbandickshinite is enhanced by their pure bitterness and lack of empathy or compassion. It is best to treat the Urbandickshinite with extreme caution as they may be toxic on many levels of human existence.

Many of the contributors to the Urban Dictionary are indeed Urbandickshinites.

See urban, dictionary, idiot, ignorant, collateral, damage


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