What is U're?


Newbian for the word you're. Used by people in changing from Newbian to general English.

Phillllllllll used to say "u're" in an attempt to appear grammatically correct, however, he still looked like a fuckwit.


What happens when an internet user finally realizes that "your" and "you're" are not the same word but is too lazy to type the entire word out.

n00b A: ur dumb.

n00b B: hahaha u're dumb. lol i'm smarter than you.


It's when an internet user *doesn't* realize that:

a) U'RE is a lousy abbreviation for YOUR, as they're both 4 characters long;

b) U'RE would more likely stand for YOU ARE; YOUR and YOU ARE are two different things.

I want to meet u're sister.

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