Urinal Cake

What is Urinal Cake?


Probably the greatest band ever to have formed at Alma College.

"What is that Urinal Cake I hear? I think I just creamed myself."

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A rare delicacy found in the waterfountains in the men's restroom. It has a very pleasent crunch and a tiggly aftertaste, although it makes your mouth a little blue afterwards.

"I'd like a urinal cake for dessert!"

"Um... sir..."


The thing in stand-up pissers that stops it from reeking. Poisonous if eaten.

Those Urinal Cakes smell like flowers.

See Rock On


Cakes commonly placed in urinals sometimes eaten by homeless people.

"Sure man lets head to the public bathrooms and eat some cake."


Found in the urinals of public bathrooms, most commonly used as an aiming device. Sometimes also used as a means of "payback" toward unwanted employees.

"Sometimes I like to pee in a circle around the urinal cake." OR "Get your ass in that bathroom and change out the damn urinal cakes!"

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Any person who deems him or herself better than everyone else (i.e. "The Shit"), but is in fact lower on the social food chain than some bastard child of Pauly Shore and Rob Schneider at the Oscars. He is trampled on (or rather pissed on) by five year-olds and the elderly alike.

Dave's such a urinal cake, he bitched me out about my mile time but then lost to Rosie O'Donnell.

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A civilian version of what is correctly called "officer candy" in the U.S. Navy.

Get with the program Seaman Recruit Smedlapp...mops are swabs...urinal cakes are officer candy!


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