What is Urn?


n. vessel of various sizes to preserve ashes of the dead after they are cremated.

The egyptian king was put to his tomb along with his urn.

See Emily Elizabeth


A word that sounds quite amusing; whenever you hear the word you must laugh and say, "URN.URN.URN"

Lauren: What is that thing under your chair?

Kelly: that's an urn.

Lauren: Laughs histerically URN.URN.URN.

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A large paperweight containing the remains of a deceased being (not necessarily human).

Hand me grandpa's urn so I can stop my papers from blowing away in the breeze of the fan.


Steals stuff, mostly ashtrays. Narcs on Proctor and Wall of Styrofoam to best friend warnica about sideshow.(see warnica)

Urn narc'ed on us and he stole my ashtray. Urn is an asshole.

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