User Error

What is User Error?


Used by computer on the occasion that the user is incorrect, poorly configured, incompatible, or just an idiot.

Dialog: User error, please reinsert user, if the problem persists, please contact Microsoft for a replacement.


1) Source of the majority of computer problems.

2) l33t d00d with mad skillz

It's gotta be user error...

See User Error


Derived from the common Microsoft computer error, User Error is called when someone screws up. This could be knocking over a glass, saying a stupid phrase, telling a bad story, cheating on your girlfriend, forgetting to feed your child, etc. etc.

John (to hot co-worker): "Hey Marissa, apart from being sexy, what do you do for a living?"

Marissa: "User Error"

Stephen walks into the room carrying a plate full of appetizers for the party, but trips and spills them on his mother-in-law. User Error

See user error, error, mistake, screwed


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