What is Utah?


full of mormons


45th state in the Union.

Settled by Mormons in 1847.

Home of the 4 m's


Meth Labs


Mini Vans

Capital City is Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City was host of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games

"Greatest Snow on Earth"

Yes, you can get a drink in Utah

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a state with good scenary and wierd people; has many spectatcular views in the rockies and the famous salt flats of bonneville; most of the people live in a compact corridor between odgen-salt lake-provo. now the people- the most conservative in the country: basketball obsessed, skiing mormons

utah has nice moutains and crazy mormons.


Western state in the mountainous region, settled by the LDS religion (commonly known as Mormons). Stated to be some sort of black hole, for many call they always find themselves hopelessly pulled back by some mysterious force.

The weather can never decide on itself in Utah.


a state to avoid if you're black

I had a black friend drive through utah, he got pulled over 3 times crossing the state and he never speeds, he said it's like they radioed his presence when he crossed the border (true story)

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A "pretty, great" state. Home to most Mormons in the USA. Utah is usually mistaken for the most closeminded state (seriously, have you been to Wyoming or Oklahoma?) NOT a diverse state, mostly caucasion mormons (but they are nice). Most of Utah's new generation is very open-minded and mostly Catholic. Utahns are usually happy, cheerful people who bring you batch after batch of brownies and cookies after you move in. Home of the '02 Winter Olympics, The Used, Fry Sauce, Arcitic Circle, Ice Berg and "The greatest snow on Earth".

If you are from Utah, you should have Utahn pride no matter what.

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1) A state whose inhabitants, for some inexplicable reason, can all sing beautifully, are all musically inclined, and have extreme artistic talents.... believe me, it's true. Maybe they ARE following the right religion.

2) Home of Arctic Circle, fry sauce, and people who stop and stare at anyone whose skin is a shade darker than peach.

1) Wow. You sing beautifully. You must be from Utah.

2) Yes. I have dark skin and lived in Utah.


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