Utah Cycle

What is Utah Cycle?


The Utah Cycle is:

Males: Going on a mission, going to BYU, then either a) starting a crappy business, or b) working in a crappy business. You live as a zombie and have 4+ kids. You also don't think for yourself and are a zombie to whatever is the status quo.

Females: You graduate from high school, wait for your missionary to come back, and either leave him and find another RM or marry him. You then become a housewife and a stay at home mom and pop out 5 kids or so. You also live as a zombie and stick to the status quo on what to believe. You don't think for yourself. You also fear to be unique, and you do what everyone else does, such as wearing your hair a certain way (most commonly straight hair) and really believe that people will judge you based on what you wear, as you do to others.

The boys filed their papers to go on their missions not because they wanted to, but because they didn't want to be outcasts or individuals. They fell trap to the Utah Cycle.

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