What is Utts?


Refers to both your "gut" and your "butt", especially when you think both are in less than desirable shape than you prefer.

That deep fried twinkie with the triple scoop of ice cream went straight to my utts!

See muffin tops, love handles, overweight, barrelina, glutton


To hit or strike a person. Term used in sports.

That dude got uttsed


Hard hit. Uncontrollable tendancy to strike.

That was a hard utts.


utts can be a number of things, mainly utts is an abbreviated form of the word utters, coming from a cow. Utts can also be used to describe a woman's chest area.

"Damn man, that girl right there got some ugg o bitties!"

"Yeah frik, I wish I could drink from those utts!"

See utters, cows


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