V Card

What is V Card?


"V" stands for virgin, holding the V card means you're still a virgin.

"I still hold the V card"

See your mom


Like pokemon cards. Gotta Catchem all!

just added one more v card to my collection last night

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Being a virgin. Still having your "V card"

I'd rather have my V card then a VD card.


n. 1.The present state of virginity. 2.The state of never having engaged in sexual congress.

The v card isn't something that's given, it's taken. (actual quote)

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sumone who still is a virgin

My boyfriend wants to take my v card.


for a girl to give up her vagina to a man

have you gave your v card to your boyfriend

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"I'm serious", and if you're not, you get punched once in the arm

I have money, V Card.

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