V Tech

What is V Tech?


A frequent misspelling of "v-tec", which is an acronym for Variable valve Timing and Electronic lift Control, which can be found on Honda B-series, H-series, and D-series motors. Vtech is a company that makes phones.

"y0 dawg, duz yo civic got a V TECH on it?"


"I just bought dis mad tyte V TECH sticker at autozone."

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v tech comes from virginia tech where a student went on a violent rampage killing other students. to go v tech on your school is to do the same thing as what happened at v tech

dude, that loser edward kid's gonna go v tech on this school some day

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A type of car modifiction usually on Honda's in Glendale driven by armos cruising Glenoaks on a Friday,Saturday Night Armo



A parkahye wit a honda (especially civic) and takes glo-stix to raves

ey look at that v-tech, bro


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