What is Vacation?


- Off work

- Not to be disturbed by anyone from work

- Not bothered with work

- To be left alone

Don't call me on vacation, you shiznid!


something dumbass teachers dont understand, where students have free time for weeks, and ARE EXEMPT FROM WORK. students get to chill and not worry about the crap that spews outta teachers. they may seem to know a lot, but they have no idea what vacation is, the fuckers.

tom: YES! school's over and i can chill now on vacation!

joe: lucky you, i have work to do since my rich, jewish, private school doesnt know wtf vacation is

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To get high on drugs. Usually a word dealers will use

Hey hey, you need a vacation? I got some K and yay.

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Vacation means NO gym, tons of coffee and lots of kisses.

Wanna go to the gym?

No, man, I'm on vacation. :)

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erotic pleasure for a man lasting approximately 45 minutes

ryan went on vacation with caitlin while samir went on vacation surfing the internet

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When you're doin' a chick doggy style on the beach, and just before you cum, you pull out, slip off your condom, re-insert and fill her snatch with your man goo while tossing the empty raincoat in front of her face. When she turns around to yell at you, throw sand in her face and run away. Vacation!

Vacation, all I ever wanted

Vacation, got to get away...

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