What is Vacationship?


A long-distance relationship in which the couple only gets together for idyllic vacation-like excursions, therefore avoiding the "real-life" issues of dating.

"She met this guy online last summer, but he lives in Austin and doesn't want to move, so they've struck up this very intense vacationship."

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Term for a holiday romance that lasts only as long as the vacation itself. Not simply a holiday hookup, the two parties involved generally show signs of genuine, sustained affection toward one another, eg spending a lot of time together and neglecting their other friends.

John: ''Whats up with Pete?''

Steve: ''He's just ended his vacationship with Steph''

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shitty, long-distance situation. basicly just hooking up whenever a couple are some how, in the same place at the same time

jo: i think we have a vacationship

jeremy: whats that?

jo: look on urban dictionary

jeremy: oh, that cant be good

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a relationship you hold while on vacation. You feel like it's true love, when really it's just a "vacationship"

Sally: Last summer I went to Paris and met Pedrom. He was so hot, we were in love. After that summer Pedrom and I never talked.

Jim: That right there was a vacationship Sally.

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When you date someone from a city much cooler than the one you reside in, presumeably for vacation rights.

Jenny's boyfriend lives in NYC, but they're not serious, it's more of a vacationship.

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