What is Vachyna?


To describe Joanie Laurer's incredibly huge peni...I mean vagina.

Don't believe me? Rent out "1 night in China" from a local porn outlet featuring former WWF wrestling babe Joanie "Chyna" Laurer and X-Pac.

Joanie Laurer's vachyna has a 3-inch mini-penis that is complementary to her 2.5 inch clitoris.

See tranny, transexual, wwf, wrestler, steroid


enlarged clitoris that almost resembles a mini-penis. frequent in female body-builders, wrestlers, that abuse male hormones and steroids. named after wrestler chyna (real name joanie laurer). the 'vachyna' was prominently featured in laurer's sex tape, 'one night in chyna'.

That buff girl looks like she's got major vachyna. Look at the size of her package

See vagina, cunt, punani, mangina, chicks with dicks, chyna, sex tape, wrestling, vachyna


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