What is Vacuum-job?


When real desperate people stick their appendages in the vacuum cleaner in an attempt to increase their length, however this exercise ends tragically.

"Dude, minidick tried giving himself a vacuum job, it was nasty."

"Dude, he had nothing to lose."


1) The art of sucking the anal opening of another person and swallowing whatever may have be swept into your mouth.

2) To use a vacuum-cleaner on low power as a tool for masturbation. Don't try it on full power, or suffer the horribly painful concequences.

1) My bitch gave me a vacuum-job. Now I'm buyin' her 6 packs of tic-tacs a day. She's bleedin' me dry.

2) I had switched on the vacuum and started doin' a vacuum-job. Shit, now I've lost my dick.


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