Vag Badge

What is Vag Badge?


a female cop, i.e. has absolutely no power

female cop: freeze

dude: fuck you vag badge *walks away*

female cop: *shoots him*

dude: weakling...

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When on your period, you spread your vagina lips, and press them neatly against a man's shirt (preferably white), leaving behind what is known as a vag badge.

MY boyfriend passed out on the couch again, so I decided to leave him a vag badge.

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A tattoo above a woman's vagina. but not on the stomach. more in the pelvic region.

it's usually somethine white trash, like roses, or a moon.. with a name in it?

(this is the frontal version of the tramp stamp)

"i got my vag badge because I wanted a $7000 ring from my boyfriend"

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A demerit given to men who put their ho before their bro

Jim gets a vag badge for ditching us to go make out with Sally.

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A badge gay men can proudly wear, once they have had sexual experiences with women.

"Greg is such a flamer... He doesn't even have his vag badge!"

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To have sex with many people in one night, or when you first lose your virginity you also earn your vag badge, but it gets revoked as time passes where you arent gettin any poon, and it is still acceptable to say you earned your vag badge even if you are not a virgin and you just banged 4 chicks, you dont maintain this vag badge, because if you did, then you could never say:

"i got my vag badge tonight!"

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