What is Vagacne?


Nasty acne found in vaginal region. Is contagious and can often spread throughout the body, especially the forehead and face and is passed on orally or with sexual contact to other people. Commonly found on camels.

"My vagacne is itchy"

"The vagacne spread to her head"


To have red poppable bumps on the vagina.

"What is this cream for?"

"Oh, my vagacne is getting worse."

"It's the time of day again where I need to pop my vagacne and rub some vagactive on it"

See acne, bacne, zits, pimples, puss


(pronouced: vajacne) the appearance of pimples in a girl's vagina.

QUESION: ~ Help me!!! I just noticed a lot of bumps in the middle of my vagina!! What's wrong with me?!?!


(p.s. i found that qestion on yahoo answers, and that ws really my answer lol yeah for vajacne!!!!)

See vagina, vajj, acne


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