What is Vagesticles?


A pair, or singe testicle(s) hanging from somewhere in a womens vagina.

Msles had vagesticles implanted last week.

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n. the combination of testicles and a vagina, possessed usually by a hemaphrodite, the international symbol for which is a V formed by the index and middle finger of the left hand, devided by the index finger of the right hand.

that shemale has huge vagesticles


A mix between a vagina and a penis. A vagina with testicles.

Jati!! I want to rub your vagesticles. They're so big and hairy, and they smell like vinegar!

See vageenis, vaganis, vagina, poop


When a woman's clitoris is replaced by a large, bulging testicle sack.


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