Vagina Worthy

What is Vagina Worthy?



A person who’s sexual practices harm none.

Any person who has gone beyond thinking of a woman’s vagina as ‘the dark, damp place between a woman’s legs, where we hope nothing goes wrong’.

A person who has healed from the sexual schizophrenia of referring to Penises in the 3rd person, as a body part that has a brain and a life all it’s own.

A person who’s sexual practices harm none.

A sexually active person who knows what STDs, condoms, orgasms, clitorises, G-spots and foreplay are.

A person who feels good about themselves, their body and their sexuality.

A person who is honest about their health, sexual activities/preferences and use of the little blue pill.

A person who considers the risks of disease, pregnancy, and drinking and dialing/texting in the middle of the night while intoxicated.

A healthy man who knows how to connect intimately through the art of lovemaking and can inspire a woman and her VAGINA to feel, respond, and glow with pleasure. Now that’s WORTHY

A Woman who thinks of her body as a 5 star temple and her Vagina as the VIP room which holds the holy grail and has high standards for who or what gets in.

A person who’s energetic imprintleaves their partner with a healthy euphoric feeling.

What is Vagina Worthy?

Moderated by an animated Vesi, Goddess of Piscis, VAGINA WORTHY is an informational, interactive, social networking site dedicated to human sexual evolution, healthy Vaginas everywhere and raising penis IQ.

VAGINA WORTHY supports an end to the fear, shame and trauma that is embedded in human sexuality. 10% of profits from all merchandise sales are donated to charitable organizations who share the vision to end sexual disease, violence, abuse and slavery,vaginal mutilation and unwanted children.


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