What is Vagitation?


Excessive pubic hair on a woman.

Rich: So how was the girl you met off of Craigslist Casusal encounters?

Mike: She was crazy and the worst case of vagitation I've ever seen.

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The quantity and quality of vagina at a party or location.

Aaron: This party is a total sausage fest.

Sam: yea, the vagitation is weak.

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1. A growth, possibly a plant or fungi, growing from the vagina.

Oh my god! Beth has a nasty case of vagitation.

See vagina, plant, std, fungus


Pubic hair surrounding the vagina.

She has thick vagitation.

See pubis, pubic, vagina, cunt, hair


1) agitated Vagina, like when a chick gets sand up there. 2) When a chick cuts off her man, she is agitated and turns off her vag to her man. 3) When a chick fails to keep up with maintaining that thing and veggies start growing in there because of the filth. I.E. Vegitation + Vag.

That chick should have worn shorts instead of a thong to the beach, because it wont be long before Vagitation sets in.

See agitation, irritation, aggravation, anger


The pubic hair of a vagina.

"Dude, did you see that girls vagitation?"

"Oh yeah that would make a woolly mammoth jealous!"

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