What is Vagrant?


A person that Exessive drinks, mooches, overstays there welcome, does not contribute, and sleeps too much

a person would not need more than one of these qualitys to be considered a Vagrant

My roomate is a Vagrant he sleeps all day and does not contribute


One who is kicked out of his house for the night so his parents may get freaky

"dude, where's John?"

"he's not home, he's vagrant tonight"


A very strange or odd occurance

"That masquerade was really vagrant!"


A man who wakes up in the morning after a heavy drinking session, to find himself laying on the footpath in socks and sandals.

'Mummy, why is that man throwing up in the gutter?' 'Leave him, his a dirty vagrant!'


One Of these fellons who new to the game

Jamie Unwin is a vagrant


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