What is Va-j-j?


Vagina. Generally a slang or euphemism to down pla the fact that you're talking about a vagina.

yeah, so, iunno bro, you hit that va-j-j yet?

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the sexiest, smelliest, wettest part of a woman's body. sometimes hairy, sometimes bald, sometimes in between or sometimes just plain freaky. they contain something called a 'clit' which is stimulated by the use of fingers, dildos, penises, or any object around the household.(minus pointy objects)'ll break the hymen and devirginize you.

bre- holy shit karlye, is that your vagina?'s pretty nice

karlye- yah man..wanna touch it

bre- no not really

karlye- common' touch'll make me feel nice

bre- ew you're sick

karlye- DAMN stop turning me on

bre- omg i'm leaving

oh ya.. "hello, would you like to have intercourse with my va-j-j?"

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used in place of a full on vagina name drop. euphemisms are sometimes necessary when describing this particular organ because, lets face it, it's strange and intimidating. i mean, yeah, "i love the va-j-j", but come on, it looks like a badly treated stab wound and it bleeds like one, too. if it wasn't such a perfectly wet and squishy and warm home for the ween, no one would want anything to do with it.

are you sure it's safe for me to put my tally wacker into that va-j-j of yours?

say, where do you get your va-j-j done?

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A slang word for a vagina. Only said to hot chicks.

She must have a nice clean Va-j-j.

See vagina, pussy, cunt, twat, pusshole


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