What is Valce?


Usually at a moment of great significance for a male where there is potentially room for great emotion- and the dude cries.

Everybody else manages to keep it together and fronttheir masculinity- but there is that one dude that actually has real tears...and really actually cries.

In severe cases he may even blub all over another person in a strong embrace, sometimes really he cries.

He is Valce.

I dunno man like I actually thought I loved her so when she just dumped me like that...I did a Valce.

Yehh man it sucked so bad saying bye to everyone...I was Valce at the end.

I can't let the whole team know the truth, its gonna be so bad that at least one of them will be Valce.

See crying, masculinity, friends, wimps, breakdown, emotion, hockey


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