Valley Forge

What is Valley Forge?


when a male uses any combination of ice, jizz, and spit as lubricant (typically after an avalancheor polar bear) for titty fucking a chick whose nipples have become hardened by the cold on her chest.

Term comes from the sexual act's similarity to the valley forge mission during the revolutionary war in which men attempted to transport cannons through snow and harsh conditions between the mountains.

"Dude, did you hear? Mike got shit-faced on the fourth of july, and to commemorate the men of valley forge and those who died for our freedom, he dressed up as George Washington and gave your daughter a valley forge while her friends and everyone watched and videotaped it. I've got copies of it on dvd if you wanna buy it. That shit was so tight it could take the condom off a fetus. we basically ran the polar express on that bitch. maybe next year you shouldn't spend all july 4th cutting hair with grandma"

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