Vampire Bite

What is Vampire Bite?


1. A type of piercing below the chin or on the neck to appear as a metal (or plastic) vampire bite, popular among the emoand scene kids, as well as their posers.

2. A glorified term for an insect bite with two bite marks.

3. A type of hickeygiven and received among (most commonly) teen couples, that involve biting, to fake how a vampire would attack its victim.

Giving a Vampire Bite:

a) Locating an area: Neck is most common, least provocative, and easy to show off if desired. Chest is common to give for a female, it is easily done while wearing low cut tops, and is easily concealed. Stomach is one of the sexier places to put one, while also being easily concealed. Vampire bites on the stomach require moving, (or removing) ones shirt, and is best done while the receiving partner is lying down. For these reasons, they are best done in private.

Vampire bites can be given anywhere on the body, but neck, chest, and stomach are the most common. Avoid rashes, cuts, and on the face.

b) Biting: The part that makes this a vampire bite, and not just a hickey. Bite the area chosen gently the first time. Try slowly biting harder and harder as you proceed. Many people receive more pleasure the harder they are bitten, but people that don't, could get very angry if you bite them too hard, so be careful. Once you know, try to bite them as hard as you can without hurting them, or breaking skin, if they show a sign of discomfort ease up, if they like it, try (VERY GENTLY) grinding your teeth on their skin, many dislike this, but people who do, will find this incredibly arousing.

c) Sucking: This isn't necessary, but is important if you want to leave a mark. You would just suck on their skin until it leaves a bruise. Same as you would a hickey. If your partner is one who gets more pleasure out of more pain, suck as hard and as long as you can.

d) Kissing: Kissing makes it more gentle and can soften the blow of a painful bite. Kiss the area very gently before the bite to make it more shocking, and more pleasurable. Licking the area, like a French kiss to the skin, can make it sexier and ease the pain more.

e) Finishing: The last thing you should do to the bite is kiss it, after you have many options what to do. A more romantic way, is to move, or move your head, and look your partner in the eyes, see if they enjoyed it. A sexier way, especially if done on a lower part of the body (stomach or lower) is to kiss them slowly all over until you reach their lips, and proceed to kiss them however you want.

(But there's no real way to finish off)

A good order to follow: (not including a and e)

Kiss, Bite, Suck, Kiss, Bite, Kiss.

1. Person 1: Hey look I just got my vampire bite done!

Person 2: Wow, you're so scenexcore!

2. A large spider bite.

3) "We were making out last night, and he gave me the biggest vampire bite ever! It was amazing!"

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A piercing placed on the left side of the neck a little below the chin to look as though you have been "bitten by a vampire." It's a very risky piercing because it's so close to the artery. Very unique piercing.

"Cool vampire bite piercing!" - Reeses

"Thanks, I got it because no one else has it." - Marie

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To give someone a hickey.

A man and a woman were kissing when the man gave the woman a hickey. That is a "Vampire Bite".

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