What is Vampwolf?


A vampwolf is a half vampire half wolf.

They live all over the country (sadly) but meet up at FOBR.

They pwn so fucking hard and are dominating the world.

True story.

Gabe Saporta, and William Beckett cannot keep their hands off of these fine vampwolves. But who could? They're so damn hot.

They tend to seckz each other up (and Gabe and William) whenever they get the chance.

It often ends in fangs and bitemarks because they like it kinky.

BAGELS and CHEESECAKE are their source of, well, everything.

They don't drink. They only eat bagels and cheesecake.

Curious as to how you can become a vampwolf?


Sucks for you cause they pwn. They pwn like no motha fucka knows.

Gabe: Hey, Beckz. We going to seckz Les Vampwolves later?

Beckett: Hell yeah! I'm so horny. And no one can make you scream like a vampwolf.

Gabe: True that, yo.

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