What is Vanderrocker?


1) being able to worship the Lord and breasts with equal reverence.

2) (aka "the hoffa effect") being smarter than your persecutors/prosecutors and summarily punished for something insignificant to the more egregious offenses for lack of evidence.

3) those who think that "seminary" is the study of "semen".

4) willful ocean poops.

As a result of another VanderRocker, the beach was closed.

See breasts, semen, hoffa


1) being old enough to know better, but young enough to still do it. Specifically in terms of dangerous drugs combined with the pursuit of Christian boobs.

2) (aka "the Hoffa") Being disciplined for something ridiculously small in comparison to larger, more egregious offenses.

3) farting like it just doesn't smell.

The VanderRocker defense proved worthless in court, but he did manage to play with the stenographer's boobs during the lunch hour.

See drugs, hoffa, boobs, farting, egregious


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