What is Vanus?


when you tear, explode, penetrate, stretch or knife the vagina or anus into one orafice so the victim poops and pees out of the same hole, like a bird.

Man, I tore up Nicks mom so bad last night I gave her a vanus. When she orgasmed, she pooped and peed on me like my pet goose.

See poop, pee, bird, anus, vanal


Should the skin area between a females vangina & anus be removed she would be left the one orafice known as a vanus.

"Oh Dear, my smelly-bridge has collapsed and now I have only a vanus down there!"

See smelly-bridge, fanny, anus, arse


The area between the vagina and asshole. Female version of banus.

I almost went down on her until I caught a whiff of her vanus sweat.


the female variation of banus. the space between the vagina and anus.

"not only was her pussy shaved so was her vanus."


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