What is Vasa?


Torture device used by swimmers to strengthen upper body. Sometimes used with weights and/or bands to make it even harder. Often used under the supervision of Meredith or John, in which case cheating is not possible.

Bridget: "guess what! worst news of my life! my mom might buy a vasa for my house!"

Swimmer: "oh my god this vasa is so hard, I can't do it anymore."

John/Meredith: "come on, keep going, its only 3 on the 1:00 fly! make sure your recovery position is correct."

Swimmer: (dying)


The Vasa Museum in Sweden celebrates poor quality ship buiding. The Vasa ship sank on its maiden voyage. Vasa is now more commonly used as an adjective for general poor workmenship.

Example 1)

"That report you wrote was vasa."

Example 2)

Drunk Man "how was that for you"

Drunk Women "that was vasa"

Example 3)

"the Vasa Museum in Sweden is so vasa!"

See vasa, ship, rubbish, sweden


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