What is Vedant?


1. someone you can totally trip on (n)

2. compliment generator.

3. 24x7 care-giver to madz

4. is an amazing fook.

5. the eternal nice-guy-but-can-still-beat-the-shit-out-of-you person.

6. has hidden strengths.

7. can be lifted by a madz

8. someone who loves his sunshine.

whoaaaa.... THat guy is suuuccchh a vedant man...!!!

look at that guy play bass, he must be a vedant.

he gets drunk on sprite.. sheesh. what a vedant.

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The term giving in the South to an indian, that comes from the county of India.

Singular: Go to the gas station, they got a vedant their that is going to hook you up with some fire ass shit.

Plural: Look at those terrosits, oh sorry they are just vedants.

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