Vee Khurana

What is Vee Khurana?


the vee dialect originates with the awkward indian descendants of old India..they were so awkward they thought they were ballers and could get any girl in a 30 mile radius...the majoirty of the time it never worked but there were sometimes the Khurana descendants got lucky and ended up with hot ass women..

How they get lucky is still a question historians ask today.

some believe its a bunch of bullshit

some believe they pay off the women

some believe they target stupid hoes

others like me believe... lets not get into that


Vee Khurana was at Liquid Ice, a teen club in Nanuet, New York. He thoroughly enjoyed grinding with fat horny hoes the entire night, jiggling their love handles instead of holding their wastes....really.who the fuck does that.

Vee used in the sentence....

Yo, did you just “Vee” the shit out of that girl?

See jiggling, lovehandles, horny, new york


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